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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Marketing and Spring break

I finished Marketing today. I got a 90% on the test but that is only 50% of the final grade. The other 50% is a 5 page paper that I had to write and it won't be graded till at least next week.

But the best thing about being done with my Marketing test is that now I have officially started my first Spring Break! One week with no school! What shall I do with myself?

Well for starters I have to buy a new cell phone because on Wednesday night I put my water bottle in my purse without the lid being on all the way and I had a water explosion which has caused my phone to have issues - I can't hear you but you can hear me - talk about a one sided conversation!

I also want to try making a Grasshopper pie. My aunt Barbara makes the best Grasshopper pie and even though she won't give me her secret yummy recipe I found one online that looks good and semi easy. If it turns out of course I will blog about it.

I plan on working out. I plan on spending some quality time with my husband, cat and the outdoors. I will get to know a clean house and reorganize paperwork. I get to file taxes.

At work this week I officially start taking over two Outback's in Hong Kong. Thankfully I don't have to learn the language but it is very different to do accounting for international companies so I have a lot to learn over the next couple of months. I am also losing two of my store's that I do now... I know whatever one's I am losing I am going to miss them.

Bruce is headed to Miami later this week. So overall I guess my week of no homework is turning into a pretty busy week. I am off to do errands with Bruce. Have a great Saturday!


  1. Glad to hear you are FLYING threw school! Dang girl where did you get all your smarts? I want some! haha Enjoy your week even though it may be busy.

  2. Wow busy week! Congrats on the test and new stores, which ones are you losing? Sorry about the cell hope you got a new one so we can talk tomorrow or you will have to borrow Bruce's.

  3. Diana- I wish I was smarter but studying five hours for a test to get a 90% - I would say it is the committment to learn, study hard and do my best that makes me do as good as I am doing.
    Mom- I don't have a cell yet but don't you worry you will get a call tonight!

  4. I just looked at every one of your wedding photos. Gorgeous, all of them. You looked so happy and fabulously gorgeous! Congrats and much happiness!


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