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Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Car Smell

We did it! We bought a Toyota Avalon! We decided it was time to move up a step and get rid of the 1997 Mercury Cougar (Bruce's car). So we have been browsing for the past month. Last Sunday while on a drive enjoying the beautiful sunny weather we stopped at the same dealership that we bought the Hyundai. In the very back row after looking at many was a silver 2003 Toyota Avalon. It was pretty enough that we took it for a test drive and then came the negotiations. Four days of negotiations and working the deal. My husband did great. He got us a great deal! See how proud he is of our new car...
So I met him at the car dealership today after work to sign all the papers and close the deal. 3 hours later we drove off the lot. Look how happy he is.
It is Silver with a gray interior, leather seats and dual air control. Spoiled!

Last picture of the back - just had to be sure you get all the views.

We had a great experience with Autoway Toyota and loved our salesman- Frank Schwartz. He was smart enough to remove the license plate from the old car and put it on the new one before he took it in to be washed - that way it was as clean as the new car. Plus he was patient and really worked the deal. Thank you Frank, Jose and the rest of the Autoway Toyota team.


  1. WOW! I like it! Who doesn't love a new car! Glad to know you were able to work the system and get what you wanted.

  2. Way to go! It looks really nice so I guess it drives as good also. Bruce does look happy and I bet you're glad the decision is made!


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