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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Saturday!

So I am up early to drink some coffee, take a shower and head over to school. I can actually blog this morning because I finished my homework yesterday and I don't have a test today.

I thought I would pat myself on the back and recap how my first semester is going. First of all my prerequisites which are the basics of the business concepts (what is taught all semester in undergraduate level) are what I go to each Saturday. Some classes are three weeks some are two but below are the classes completed and the grades:
Economics 95%
Accounting - Financial 99%, Managerial 95%
Finance 90%
Management 90%
Marketing - TBD next Saturday
Overall I will take the 90's knowing that I only had to get 70% to pass and I am doing my best when I have to read whole books in two weeks.

With my Wednesday night class, Stats, I have only had one test so far but I did get a 98% and the test was when I was really sick in February so I am very happy. I have one more project and another test before the final so I will be very busy in the next month and a half but the light is already at the end of the tunnel.

What have I learned in going back to school?
1. Homework is NOT easier. I would rather be doing 10 million other things than homework.
2. It is amazing how many friends you can get when you are all in the same class.
3. I did learn and retain a lot of information at my time at USU.
4. I really enjoy learning new things.
5. There is a great feeling of accomplishment when you do your best and the grade reflects it.

I am sure there is more but for now that is all that is coming to my mind.

Today will be a high of 80 and tomorrow 83 so I am hoping to spend most of my time outside tomorrow. I am so happy it is great weather and our Spring is here. Time to clean up the patios and get all ready for the long hot summer.

Have a great Saturday!

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