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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Columbia Restaurant

I had to go buy my book for my summer class yesterday so while we were in downtown St. Petersburg we decided to have dinner at The Columbia Restaurant at The Pier. The restaurant has glass windows all the way around and sits right on Tampa Bay. We started with Mojitos (the best we have ever had) and enjoyed splitting a salad and Paella. We watched sailboats and the cruise ship that we were on last December sail by. It was a great date night.


  1. Got to love a great date night! So what is a Mojitos? Knowing what a party animal you are it must have so little something something in it :) Otherwise I would try one. :)

  2. Diana - Since they made the mojito at the table I will let you know what was in it - they first started with sugar syrup (probably 1 cup water heated with 1 cup of sugar until the sugar disolves), dump 1/2 cup fresh mint loosely chopped and then mash the mint leaves into the sugar water letting the mint infuse into the mixture. Add 2 fresh squeezed limes, Rum and sparkling water. Yeap, rum... but the mint and lime idea is great with just water too.


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