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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yellowstone Monday

Monday we started our day off early at the Corral for homemade blueberry pancakes and the thickest bacon I can remember eating. It was a great way to start off our day trip to Yellowstone. Within an hour of entering Yellostone, we saw elk right on the side of the road. I would name this picture bathing beauties for they were just enjoying the water and sun and most importantly not letting the crowd of tourists bother them.

One of my favorite things about yellowstone are the turquoise sulpher springs. The colors are amazing. I decided I wanted to get my picture with them so I leaned over backwards on the fence and snapped this self portrait. I look a little stiff but I got the picture!

At the continental divide, there was a lilly pad pond. I love this picture of my mother in law, Shirley, sister in law, Pat and cousin, KymberLee.
Our trip to Yellowstone was a success- elk, bison, coyote. Seeing all the untouched nature is priceless. We ended our Yellowstone trip with a great icecream cone in West Yellowstone. I love icecream - especially when I can compare it to Granny's - and this was just as creamy and thick. I had raspberry and banana which is one of my favorites!

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  1. You are so brave to lean over a fence backwards..just for a picture! You crazy girl you. Looks so nice, its one of the many family vacations on my ever growing list.


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