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Friday, August 15, 2008

Montana -Friday, Saturday, Sunday

I am back! I am going to split blogging about my trip into different days so that I can give each day its proper attention. First of all this was a girls trip with my mother in law, Shirley, two sisters in law, Pat and Lisa, and niece in law, Britney, as well as my cousin KymberLee. After waking up at 5 am to get to the airport and catch our plane, we finally made it to Bozeman around noon. Shirley had flown out the week before and met us at the airport with her friend Roberta. We got on the road as we had an hour drive from Bozeman to get to Big Sky-where we were staying. We stopped and had lunch at Bugaboo. (Love the name- they named it after their dog!) I highly recommend the BLT and homemade potato chips. After lunch, we got all settled in the house we were staying at and just spent time relaxing and stretching out after the long plane ride.

Since we were all tired from the plane, we went and got take and bake pizza. I went to bed before 8 pm as it had been a long long day and week for me. Of course since I was in bed so early, I then ended up getting up before 6am. The good thing about that is I got up and took a walk. The clouds were low and hung over the mountains. I really enjoyed being around mountains and seeing all the beauty. I love the beach but if I didn't have the beach I would want mountains.

Saturday we the county fair at Big Sky. Shirley had me drooling over homemade bread and pies for weeks. We were a block away from the county fair and as soon as Shirley told me that the bake sale was open we were off to gather our goodies. We ended up with a loaf of homemade bread, Apple Amish bread, cookies and the great looking strawberry rhubarb pie.

We also got to go to a parade although there weren't real floats it was fun - lots of candy, water balloons. One float was handing out beer and another toilet paper-so yes it was quite the mix! The parade was over in 15 minutes but it was a thrill to watch.

At the county fair, an alpaca was born and although I missed the birth I did make it to see the baby and mother. It was very sweet. For lunch we left the fair because there was no place to sit and eat. We headed to the Corral for Buffalo burgers. It was such a huge meal! We were all full the rest of the day so we just relaxed and enjoyed each others company the rest of Saturday.

For Sunday, Pat, Lisa, Brit and Kym went for a hike. I decided I better stay and study for the GMAT. So I relaxed most of the day with out a camera or much to tell you about. For dinner that night we met Roberta and Bill, her husband, at Cinnamon Lodge. We enjoyed their margerita's, chips and yummy salsa, and I consumed 2/3 of the grizzly burrito. The food was excellent and the company even better. Oh and our waiter, Logan, was from Orlando Florida so we had fun with him. And of course, when I heard his name was Logan I said I was born in Logan - and he said Utah? Yep! Utah! It really is amazing how small this big world can be.

So on Monday we went to Yellowstone - but I am saving that for it's own post as I have some of the most amazing pictures. Come back this weekend to get the rest of the story.

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  1. I thought your trip was for work! Oh that sounds like it was tons of fun just relaxing! Glad you got to do it because you deserve it! I love you!


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