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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The last days - Tuesday and Wednesday

On Tuesday, we stayed around Big Sky and visited some friends. After we had just left a friend's house, he called to tell us to turn around because there was a brown bear and her two cubs in his neighbor's yard. It was a site to see the bears - the mother actually climbed into the truck looking for food.

We also had the chance to visit the home where Shirley used to live. This house has gone through a major flip since she owned it. The first time I saw it was Labor day weekend 2003. Bruce and I had borrowed Dad's truck and driven the six hours from Salt Lake to Big Sky. It was the first time I got to meet his family. Shirley had just sold the house and was in the process of moving to Clearwater. The house at the time was better described as a cottage or cabin. Over the past four years, it has grown a basement, two car garage and so many changes there is very little of the original left. Shirley's home will always be warm and welcoming but this house, which hasn't been lived in, needs a warm touch and some good memories. Hopefully it will find some love soon.
Wednesday, I said good bye to Big Sky. Shirley and Pat drove me into Bozeman to catch my plane. We stopped at Benjie's before the airport for some great jewelry shopping. I found so many cool things it was so much fun! I miss the great silver jewelry that is unique and a great deal. I bought a few items before heading to the airport.

Montana was really beautiful. I think the thing that I miss the most about the mountains is quaking aspens. I love sitting on the porch and hearing the wind blow their leaves. I remember the great colors in the fall that they turn. They also remind me of good times - family camps etc. I will have to make a fall trip in the next two years to see the leaves changing colors.

To Shirley- Thank you so much for letting me be part of your family and enjoying this trip. It is a big deal to me that you have opened your heart to me. I look forward to making other great memories with you.

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