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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catch up – The Warnick’s April Visit

IMG_0746 Dad and Susan made their annual Spring Break trip to Florida. Due to class the first night I could see them was Thursday and they had already been here for almost four days! We ended up enjoying a great dinner at Bonefish and then going to watch the sunset at our favorite beach spot.

IMG_0748 It was a beautiful sunset – although windy so please ignore our bad hair days.


We did a lot of other fun things together before they headed home on Sunday but do you think that I have pictures? Not really. So you get to just read my rambling. 


Friday night we enjoyed dinner at Roy’s. I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures of the food. I know I am a bad blogger. On Saturday we were up early for the St. Petersburg Farmer’s Market. It was hopping. As always it is fun to see all the delicious fresh foods and homemade crafts. After the Farmer’s Market we were HUNGRY so we headed to Bahama Breeze.


The time went by so quickly. Bruce and I really enjoyed having them for a visit even if school and work got in the way!

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