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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Catch up – Happy Mother’s Day

Since I was in-between semesters at school I headed to Utah for Mother’s Day. I arrived late on Thursday night. Thanks mom for picking me up at the airport so late.

A package had arrived from Mike and Becky on Thursday with a note to my mom that said do not open until Debbie arrives. So first thing Friday morning I dove at that package. My mom was wondering if it was another picture frame of the the dogs since that is what she got last year.IMG_0784

But it was a BABY! We screamed, we cried. We jumped up and down. We figured it was too early to call Mike and Becky so I texted them BOTH! Becky called us back as she was waking up to go to a work meeting anyways and patiently answered our million and one questions. Since Mike was in the shower he had to call us back later. We also had to get permission on who we could tell. You know my mom could not keep this a secret for long. This is her dream come true to be a grandma.

So we headed over to Grandma Davis to tell her and that gave me the chance to say hi as well. Since I don’t get to see her very often it was nice to see her three days in a row on this trip.

A million stops later – which included my mom telling the local gas station clerk she was going to be a Grandma and her work we finally had to high tail it to Salt Lake City for a day at the Spa and Flemings. (My mother’s day present to her.)

We had massages, facials, and pedicures. It was so much fun to have the time to relax and enjoy the happiness. After 3 hours of pampering we were really feeling euphoria.

After our spa day, we got dressed up and headed to Flemings for dinner. I love SLC Flemings. They are always so observant to your needs and we had so much fun with our waiter. Plus the food was great. We tried the new mushroom ravioli appetizer which was over the top good rich. It was one of those that I would have licked the plate clean if I hadn’t been in a restaurant. Mom got the filet and I got Salmon and of course the Mac N Cheese. But we were so stuffed we ended taking a lot of it home because we had to save room for dessert. It was a really wonderful day.

IMG_0786 On Saturday, we did some errands and shopping and may have gone for another massage at the Massage school down the street from my mom.

Since we had such a heavy meal the night before we decided to go enjoy sushi. I was worried about what type of sushi I would find in Utah but I was not disappointed.


Isn’t he a cute caterpillar?

IMG_0789 For Mother’s day, we got Outback to go and had a nice family feast at Grandma Davis’ house. It was always fun to spend time with her. It is never enough. I love every minute. I am very excited to go back to Utah for her 90th birthday. What a big party that will be!

IMG_0792 After visiting with the Davis family on Sunday, mom was kind to drop me off at Dad’s Sunday night. I got to go meet my new nephew and catch up with the Warnick’s/ Rasband’s. On Monday, I went up to the Rasband’s to hang out since Dad and Susan were working. I don’t know how Heather does all she does with the housework and the hectic schedule. I was exhausted by the end of day. Dad and I went on a dinner date where I got a bison burger for dinner. Yum – bison burgers are so much better then hamburgers.

Then before I knew it it was time to fly back home. I always have so much fun in Utah and this visit was one of the best ever!

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