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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Checking in with the resolutions

I have made some great progress on the resolutions. In fact some I am already crossing off my list so that I can focus on other goals that I haven’t been doing so great on.

1. 10,000 steps a day. Average steps in January is 6337, Average steps in February is 7177 so I am improving overall. Thanks to the bodybugg that makes this so easy to track.

2. Eat breakfast every day. – 100% doing great! Thank you to the easiness of drive through Starbucks oatmeal on the days when I forgot.

3. Run a 5k. Done.

4. Make one day a week a vegetarian day. Done 100% but going to continue. There are so many fun recipes to keep trying.

5. Eat dinner 5 nights a week at a table. – One night a week I am good, the rest is in front of the tv. My new goal for March is 2x a week.

6. Yoga 2x a week. –nothing, ouch!!!!

7. Celebrate my wins by giving myself rewards for finishing a semester of school. My semester is nearing the end so I am getting a massage once I have completed it.

8. Read 5 books for fun. Currently reading Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert. Thank you honey for the sweet Valentines gift.

9. Travel somewhere I have never been. –Still working on.

10. Do things for other people. I am currently tutoring someone in school. She offered to pay but I figured that this could be my first count toward this goal. I am still going to do things through out the year. So stay tuned.

If I were grading myself right now I would give myself a 50% and the year is not even 1/2 way over. I know I am not perfect but I have made huge efforts towards my goals in the last 2 months. How are your goals going?

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  1. Debbie, I am so so impressed with you!!! Too many people neglect the importance of goals and improvement. You have been a motivation to me!


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