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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gasparilla 5k

I did it! Or maybe I should say we did it. Bruce and I completed our first 5k.  We chose to participate in the Gasparilla 5k about a month ago. Bruce was going to walk it and I ran it. I had a goal to run it in under 40 minutes. I am relatively new to running and most importantly I didn’t want to injure myself. Well yesterday we got ready and headed to downtown Tampa. It was cold and raining. Not an ideal situation but we decided to just make it fun and enjoy the experience. The Gasparilla 5k had over 9,000 participants so it was packed. I am glad we got there early but it still took us over two minutes to cross the starting line. The first mile was great if not crowded. I wasn’t ever planning on going fast so I paced myself. I didn’t let all the people around me frustrate me. By the second mile I hit a wall. I was soaked including my shoes which made it very uncomfortable. It was so slippery out there and I watched so many people fall.  I was on the same street of the JDRF fall and I didn’t want to repeat the same pattern so I was being VERY CAREFUL. At the half way point we turned around and I decided to spend my time looking  for Bruce. When I saw him it was a big boost and I knew I could finish. But I had given up on making my goal of under 40 minutes. I made it to the finish line to see the clock say 43 minutes so I thought I was close to my goal and was proud of my accomplishment.

When I got home I was able to pull up the results online and was shocked…yes my chip time was 39:59. I reached my goal. AMAZING!  I am proud and happy.


Here is a picture of me freezing before the race. I am showing off the Nike Dri Fit T-shirt we got for doing the 5k as well as my number. I was excited and nervous at this point.


Bruce was chill. He was just going to walk it and support me. He really was a great sport and didn’t complain too badly about the rain or the cold. I guess the bailey’s n coffee helped a little.


Bruce did great too. He finished in 54:32. Not bad for walking.


So the question now is what race is next?


  1. Way to go!!! Just to set a goal and reach it is worth it.

  2. Wow! Way to go you guys!!! I don't know if I could have done that!


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