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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First gifts and then Epcot

On Saturday October 10th I was lucky and got to start celebrating my birthday a day early. Since we were headed to Orlando for the weekend my husband was kind enough to let me open my presents. My mom sent me aprons made by my great grandmother, grandmother and my mom as well as some yummy cookbooks. I am so excited to start cooking now I just have to go grocery shopping and find some time! Here I am modeling one of the aprons.
Besides the nice new camera my husband got me some new workout socks. They are sweet or should I say no sweat?
After finishing opening presents, we packed up the car and were off to Orlando. Our first stop? Well it was Disney World's Epcot Center!!!! It was our first time to Epcot and Bruce and I are both wondering why it took us so long to go. We will be back sooner rather then later.
We got the usual pictures in front of the Planet Earth ride. You can see the ball most of the time while you in the park which is nice because it helped with directions. We went to Epcot for the food and wine festival. I am splitting my blogs into two. This will contain pictures of the park and rides. My next blog will be all about the food.
The grounds for Epcot were beautiful and well kept. For all the people and all the food that was being consumed, the grounds were in really good shape. This is in the English part of Epcot and I just thought it was a great picture to showcase the landscaping.
Through out the park there were Disney characters. If you look to the right of the green pole you can see Sleeping Beauty in her blue dress kneeling next to a child. I have to say if it weren't for the Disney characters I think most children would think Epcot is very boring. We didn't see that many children but just by all the walking and the theme of this park I believe that children would appreciate other parks so much more.
This is a picture of me as we crossed over into the Italian part of Epcot. Of course Bruce let me have the map and be charge. He was so good to me all day long.

A quick snap of the both of us. Boy was it HOT. Buy this time there was not a single dry area on us. We were having a heat wave in October of unusually hot weather.
We took a break from eating for two rides. The first was the Mission:Space ride. Someone was kind enough to offer to take a picture of Bruce and I. I have no idea what the kid was doing in the background.
Another picture of Mission: Space that I thought was really good and just wanted to show how good I look after sweating for 5 hours.
One last tease to keep you coming back a picture of me in front of the welcome sign for the food and wine festival.
To be continued....

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