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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Epcot's Food and Wine Festival

Now comes foodie heaven. Are you ready? I should preface all these pictures that first of all this is not all that Bruce and I ate throughout the day. This is the highlights and our favorites. I didn't even take pictures of everything that we ate. It was so much. I should also state that we shared the plates. I had a goal of getting one of everything but it was so hot so we skipped all of the soups and items that didn't sound appetizing. Since these are personal tastes, please remember that there is a lot more choices at the Epcot Food and Wine Festival and if you don't see something you like here well you still have to go!

Our first stop of the day was New Zealand. We had a lamb slider and a scallop with vegetable slaw. This was a great first start. It was refreshing and the flavors were complex.
My favorite of the day was Ireland. The Lobster and Scallop Fisherman's Pie was amazing. I must figure out how to make this at home. I love Shepherd's Pie but this took it to the next level.
Along with our pie we had Kerrygold cheese selection with Apple Chutney and a warm chocolate lava cake with a Bailey's ganache. This just put me over the edge in love with Ireland. I love lava cakes but the Bailey's ganache added excitement and flavor that was beyond divine. Yes I could go back today and have the same thing and be totally happy.
This next part goes out to my mom and cousin, Greg. Of course we had to stop by the Rio De Janiero booth!
We stopped by at the end of our day and because we were quite full did not try everything. I chose the Grilled pork skewer with Farofa and a Leblon frozen Caipirinha.
Sadly both were a little disappointing. The pork was on the dry side and the Caipirinha is better when made with fresh mint and is on the rocks.
A quick picture of Bruce enjoying the Sam Adams 14th Anniversary Food and Wine Beer special. We loved this light refreshing beer for its hint of orange. Really went well with the hot Florida sun. We even got a bonus by getting the 22 oz - a Epcot food and wine festival souvenir glass.
With the beer we had a lobster roll and crab cake. The lobster was awesome. Cool and refreshing with a ton of lobster. The crab cake was only so so.
In France, I had the Sparkling Pomegranite Kir. Got to love those antioxidants. More please!
The Braised short ribs in Cabernet with mashed potatoes were good for me. Simple and I loved the fact that the ribs were crispy carmelized on the bottem. My husband thought it could use more flavor and I agree you couldn't taste the cabernet so next time add more!
In Argentina, we find my husbands favorite of the day. I do think that this made the best picture. The grilled beef skewer with Chimichurri and Boniato Puree (mashed potatoes) was excellent. Complex flavors and bright happy colors made this a joy to eat. The beef was tender and moist. This booth was a favorite of all and had the longest lines but was so worth it.
We also got the Beef Empanada in Argentina and this was excellent. Crispy shell with flavorful beef on the inside. Just looking at it is making me hungry!
Would I go back to the Food and Wine Festival? YES. Already making plans for next year. It is expensive to have to pay to get into the park and then pay for all the food and drink. But most of the food and the wine was around $4. I felt like the servings were generous on most of the food and sharing with my husband was perfect. Overall experience with the food was excellent but I am not a picky eater - if I didn't like onions I might have an issue as everything is premade and unless you can pick it out you are out of luck.
Tips to survive - when you find a place to sit in the shade sit and relax for a little bit. There is plenty of food and a lot of walking so take your time. Share the food if possible for maximum tasting pleasures. Drink lots of water. Sadly, I did not drink a whole lot of alcohol because I was so worried about dehydration but I tried enough and I wasn't one of those people that passed out on the park bench. Look through the map and decide on three or four booths that are a must. I did this and it helped a lot in deciding what I wanted to try at the other booths. We skipped a lot of booths because we just go too full. Plan on going half way through or till you are full then go back to the rides. By the time you stand in line and explore the other part of the park you have some more room for goodies.
If it is your birthday, wear your happy birthday button. Why not? So many people said happy birthday to me. I felt like I was the princess and why not enjoy it for a day? You are at Disney World don't let sweat, heat, worry, stress get in the way of your enjoyment. If you find yourself starting to let adult worries get in your way just think of your favorite disney song and that should help you get back to the magic place. :)

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  1. It was a great weekend and I loved the wide diversity of food, and drink available. Nice change from the everyday routine of food and quite well prepared. I'm a fan and would attend this event yearly... I'm glad you had a great time and I look forward to next years event.


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