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Sunday, August 9, 2009

No Pictures but still a fun day

I took my camera to Pat and Glenn's house with intentions of taking some pictures. But I didn't take any. And I really don't have a good excuse. We got there early because we provided the main dish -pork and it had to cook for a couple more hours in the crock pot. After touring their yard which is beautiful, Pat pulled out a puzzle.
I am not sure how many of you know this but I am a puzzle freak. I seriously get OCD over putting the peices together and seeing the picture come together. So I NEVER let myself have a puzzle at home. Because I would never get anything done. I tried to play it cool with the puzzle and walked away but then Shirley was kind enough to start opening it and I just couldn't stay away.
I know I ate in between putting puzzle peices together but for spending 7 hours on a puzzle I have nothing to show for it. I finally realized it was 8 pm only because it was getting dark. I am sorry to Bruce for ignoring him. But I really do love puzzles and even though we didn't finish every time I put a piece together I was so happy with myself.
Ok note to everyone, keep me away from puzzles PLEASE!

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  1. Puzzles!! Love them too, I find them online and that is addicting too. What fun!


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