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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Going Green

So my husband has been the green person in our family. He is the one that replaced the lightbulbs and put up the shades so that we would use less air conditioning. Well now it is my turn to get on the bandwagon. Blame it on watching the Planet Green channel, my mom sending me this article about going green, blogs I read that challenge me to find my natural glow or maybe just a good sale on Physicians Formula. Anyways, I have decided to be more aware of things that I put on my body not just in it so when I needed blush and see a sale I thought I would try out Physician's formula Organic Wear 2-n-1 bronzer & blush #1061. I can't really read the ingredient list but the packaging is eco-conscious as the compact is made out of cardboard/paper and not plastic. I love the color and I can't tell a difference with the quality of product so I am happy with my purchase. And Yes I will be trying more products like this in the future as I use up what I have. Any suggestions?

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