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Friday, June 19, 2009

Workout gone wrong

I had the most embarrassing moment at Bally's last night. Worse then falling off a machine or fainting. No instead I puked.
Bally's has turn up the air conditioning so last week I made a mental note to myself to bring extra water. The extra sweating only dehydrates me and my already over heated body. So I get the gym at 5:30 last night and do 1/2 hour of elliptical. I am proud of myself because I have been having a hard time fitting in cardio on the days that I train with my trainer. Then the personal training session starts. Lunges, squats, lifting, sweating. I am hot but feeling ok at 6:30. Keep lifting, sqatting and oh now abs. Almost done 6:55 just have biceps left. And this is where it all goes wrong. I get really overheated, then comes the lightheadedness. Usually at this point when I lie done on the floor to stop from fainting I am fine because the floor is cool and blood goes to my head to stop the fainting. So I lie on the floor. Its not helping. My trainer brings to cold water it feels good but I think at this point I really am already too far gone. I puke all over my hair, shirt and the floor. (The good news - I didn't harm any machines and it was mostly water in my stomach!) But still disgusting. Embarrassment made me stand up and walk into the womans locker room. I sat on the bench for 5 minutes still recovering. Then realized I was disgusting so I jumped in the shower. Nice cold water! I didn't have soap but at least I was able to rinse well. I also was lucky to have clean workout clothes in my bag. So when I walked out of the locker room I felt somewhat human.
So this is the part where I do have to THANK my trainer Judy and Nick the manager who had to clean up my mess. I know they didn't sign up for that and they definitely weren't the ones to decide to turn up the heat. I really appreciate the no nonsense, don't worry attitude. It was an embarrassing moment but they helped make it better.
Now how do I get over my embarrassment and get back into the gym? My first grade brain is conjuring up images of people pointing at me and laughingly referring to me as the girl who threw up. I will have to get over it because next Thursday I have a training appointment with Judy again... Maybe I should buy her a poncho in case it happens again?


  1. Sorry that happened but you are okay! Bet that wasn't the first time for them and it won't be the last! Hang in there. Just take a barf bag.

  2. Oh Deb! I am sorry you had to go through that. I wouldn't be too worried about anyone making fun of you though. We tend to always make it worse in our heads than it really ever is. Just keep going back because in the end...does it really matter what anyone thinks? Plus it is most likely that they had something happen over the week that they will be thinking about more. Hang in there! Way to go on working out!

  3. Found your post on Priorfatgirl. Sorry you had such a crummy night at the gym!

  4. At least you hadn't just eaten a huge breakfast of french toast and sausage right before like someone I know of did, once upon a time, "allegedly". LOL, I like the poncho idea, maybe some Lysol disenfecant too.

  5. Also came over from priorfatgirl's blog. So sorry that happened to you. I don't do gyms. So far I just do the treadmill at home or walk around our mountain. I bet no one will remember and for the workers, it's just another day in paradise. Sending hugs your way.

  6. oy vey, that's a serious workout! So sorry you got sick, hopefully that never happens again!


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