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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have decided I love the number 90. That is what I got on my 8 pages of hand writing (or chicken scratching), sweat, tears, hand cramping, carpel tunnel....ok I may be exaggerating but it was a challenge of a test. But I still got a 90! Way to go Debbie! I also participated in a group presentation last night and it went pretty good. I would say really good but we have a challenging team player whose two minute summary turned into 15 minutes. But to focus on the positive everyone loved my brownies! I made cream cheese brownies, peanut butter chip brownies and regular brownies and they were a huge hit.

I only have one more month of school then I get a month off! I am looking forward to it already. No homework seems heaven. Although I really like having one class because I feel like I still have a life and it has been a really interesting class. But 7 days a week of time to myself seems priceless. Seriously how do mom's and dad's do this sort of thing with kids? All I can think is they must not sleep!

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  1. Way to go Debbie! 90 is awesome! And enjoy a day at the beach for me!! (I don't envy the heat at all) :)


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