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Monday, May 25, 2009

Utah Part 2

Friday morning I was up at 7 am ready to hike. Thank goodness my mom is an early riser as well and we headed out the door to go up Snow Canyon. I decided that I wanted a challenge and so I chose the Three Ponds 3.5 mile hike. It was listed as a moderate hike but this was difficult - the up and down red rock I can handle but the 1 mile in sand up to your ankles -pain inducing. Although my legs got a great workout. Below is the picture we took after finishing the hike. It was beautiful but I can't say I would do it again any time soon.
After getting ready for the day, all four of us went to breakfast at the Bear Paw Cafe. I had a great waffle and coffee. Then the rest of the day was shopping and hanging out at the pool. I didn't take any pictures! Such a slacker! But it was so much fun to be with the family and relax. For dinner that night we went to a Brazilian steakhouse called Made in Brazil. All I can say is you HAVE to go hungry and make sure to try the pineapple which is my favorite. We started off with the salad bar, feijoada (black beans and rice), then came the different meats. It was so good. I love the small portions and being able to try everything. Needless to say after the huge meal, I crashed and burned.
Saturday I awoke feeling much better and although sore from yesterday's hike was ready for another. Mom was the only other one awake so we headed back to Snow Canyon and did the Pioneer Names trail and some of the main trail that is paved and follows the road. We figure we did about 2 to 2.5 miles. But again I didn't take any pictures so now I have to make up for it.
After getting ready for breakfast we headed out to get some yummy Cracker Barrel. I took this picture of everyone leaving our temporary home because everyone had something new on - Mike's shirt, Becky's shorts and my mom's shirt. All new. Yes we did a lot of shopping!

After breakfast, we went up to the look out of St. George and did some hiking/walking around. There are tons of trails up there that we have never explored! I had no idea there was so much walking up there. Below is a picture mom was taking of us so I thought I would take a picture of her!

A great picture of Mike and Becky. Full and happy and such a cute couple.

I was wearing flip flops so I didn't dare climb up on the rocks so I stayed below and took pictures. The other three climbed the rocks to get a better view of St. George below. Now if any of you know my brother, you know he is an adventurer and therefore the next post on his descent down should not surprise you....

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