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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Valentine's and sick sick sick!

I pretty much missed Valentine's day and February for blogging. My valentine's day was interesting because I got up early to go to class only to get all the way down to St. Pete and learn that class was cancelled. So I headed home and went with the husband to visit his mom. It was a really fantastic visit. I hadn't seen her in a month (busy with school and work) so it was nice to catch up. Then we headed home and I took my Finance test. I PASSED FINANCE! Which means all my number classes on Saturday's are done and it is all on to theory and just reading a lot. The last two weeks have been Management. I took my test yesterday but don't know my score yet so I will blog that later.
My husband cooked me a beautiful valentine's ribeye roast. It was heaven. We even lit candles and ate at the table to enjoy it. Romantic! I just feel sad that I don't have a picture to share!
But I was so run down that I don't think I was thinking clearly and by the next night I knew I was coming down with a bug. On Monday the 16th I had the day off for presidents day and I had planned on doing tons of studying but I woke up sick sick sick. High fever, sore throat, I studied some and slept a lot! I was so sick that I ended up taking my first sick day from OSI. That isn't so bad because I have worked there two years. Even the hubby said he had never seen me so sick. So on Tuesday I slept a lot and tried to do everything in my power to get over being sick. On Wednesday, I went to work because my fever was down and even though I wasn't feeling tons better I was not going to be bored at home anymore. There are only so many soap operas you can watch. Although I was so worn out by Wednesday afternoon that I left work at 3 so that I could relax before my class on Wednesday night. I had a huge test in Stats class that night. I went with a nose that would not stop running, a fever and a cough. I was miserable. I was so happy when I was done with it.
On Thursday I woke up still feeling aweful but when I walked out to the living room it was my husband that concerned me for he was wrapped up in a blanket and starting to get sick. That was enough for me. I called the doctor and we both went. Both of us had fever's and we both got on antibiotics. The next day I could tell a difference and although my cough is still hanging around at least I have my energy back. Bruce didn't get as sick as I did but he just recently got his energy back. He still is coughing but we will deal with it.
So the other half of February flew by with the focus on getting our health back and catching up at work and school. I am so happy that March is here! Warmer weather is on its way.

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  1. Being sick is never fun that is for sure. Only one sick day in two years is impressive! Glad to hear you are one the mend!


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