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Sunday, February 8, 2009

February already?

I can't believe how fast 2009 is going. I made it through the first week of February and I am very proud of it. My schedule at work the first week of the month is always the hardest because I am closing 15 stores and doing financial statements for all 15 of them. It is a lot of work but there were a lot of things that went right this month to make it smoother. So instead of pulling 14 hours days for 5 days, I only had to pull 12 hours 2 days and then 10 hours 2 days and a simple 8 hours the last day. Of course most of those days I then had to come home and do homework but it really wasn't so bad. I am now studying finance on my saturday classes till February the 14th and then I change subjects again. The nice thing about this class is that although there are 7 quizzes and 7 tests, I get to take them at home in my PJ's with an open book. The first two chapters were really boring to me but on the third chapter we started applying it more to business and I am finding it interesting so it is much easier. I am done with four of the quizzes and tests and right now my average is 85 so I just have three more to go and I am done.
On Friday, Bruce and I went to Roy's for sushi. I had this craving for it and Bruce had taken me to work so that he could use my car to go to a business meeting. Since he had to come over to Tampa to pick me up we decided to turn it into a date night. We decided to eat at the sushi bar so that we could watch the kitchen.
Yesterday was filled with school, homework and catching up on Top Chef, Scrubs and finally getting to watch Loving Leah (Mike thanks so much for letting me know about it, of course I cried with in the first five minutes! You are truly the best brother. Now you can roll your eyes. Don't worry I didn't make Bruce watch it. He fell asleep on the couch while we were watching something else and so while he slept I enjoyed it.)
Today it is more homework, housework, grocery shopping and then preparing some meals for the week. I am going to try a sweet potato and garlic soup so if it turns out good I will be sharing that!

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  1. Mmm, sushi. That is so cool you are back in school. Sometimes I think I could be a student for life- there is way to much to learn than this lifetime has to offer. All I need to do is find some pushover rich guy that will pay for it all :)


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