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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Pay off

After a lot of work and sweat, our bedroom is done. Below is the white walls we had before and Bruce scraping the door jam. We had a lot of peeling paint which is what prompted us to become weekend warriors.

The finished result... Our paint color is called Serenity although my husband says it reminds him of the water in the Caribbean.

The blue is toned down when not in direct sunlight... much more relaxing. Now Bruce and I are going to enjoy our bed and bedroom. WE ARE EXHAUSTED. (I will put more pictures on facebook for those of you who want to see more.)


  1. I really love that color and it kinda reminds me of the color I picked out to paint our bedroom....which never happened. One project at a time I guess. Good job!

  2. WOW what a difference even in pictures! I can hardly wait to come see it in person. Wish I were there! The last picture looks like it could be in a magazine. Love it.

  3. It looks really nice Debbie. Love the color.


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