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Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Haircut and No Cavities

This week was a very busy week for me. Usually my week consists of working, working out, fixing dinner, studying for the gmat and watching some tv. But this week, I got to switch up the routine with a new haircut and a dentist appointment. I am growing my hair out again and decided to do a shag although my hair needs to grow out two more inches to make the shag even more shagalicious I think it looks pretty great. I also got a few blonde highlights. Although they don't show in the picture below, when I get in the sunlight it makes a big difference.

At the dentist, I am proud to say I have no cavities. I was a little worried as it had been two years since I have been, so it was a big relief for me. Bruce was not so lucky at his dentist appointment as he ended up having a root canal. He has been a real trooper though- hasn't complained too much. He still has to go back and get a crown but it is nice knowing all the infection is out of his month. He is looking forward to getting his teeth cleaned too. Since he quit smoking in January (Yes 6 months!) he deserves a clean mouth.

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