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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Utah and Dutch Oven Dinners

I was lucky enough to go to Utah last weekend to spend some quality time (day?) with my family.

The trip started out very interesting as I passed out on the plane. Yes - fainted, fell to the floor and all. In my defense, I was sitting between two men and my air was blowing HOT air the whole trip. I had suffered through 3/4 of the trip. Then came the headache, nausea and claustrophobia. At that point I stood up and thought if I could make it to the back of the plane I would be alright. Well 5 rows later, I hear from somewhere far away a voice saying "Ma'am can you sit on the floor?" The stewardness must have repeated this at least 4 or 5 times before I was aware that she was talking to me. I sat like a good obedient child and got handed ice and a cold towel. After cooling for awhile, I become aware that yes I am sitting in the middle of the aisle and being asked "Are you pregnant? Do you have someone with you? How are you feeling?" The first being even more embarrassing then sitting on the floor. The amazing thing is that everyone- even the passengers on the plane were kind and concerned about me. It always amazes me how strangers can do the nicest things and give of themselves like that. I did make it to Salt Lake in tact and I have had no other episodes (not even on the ride back) so NO MOM I AM NOT PREGNANT.
My dad, Susan and Becky picked me up from the airport and we met Heather at the Outback in Salt Lake City. My poor dad! The girls were at their prime just going 100 miles an hour. But it was so much fun. We don't often get to talk and without the kids it let us focus on each other. We stayed so late that the restaurant was closed before we left.
For Saturday, I knew that I had to get up to help with preparations. I had to because I had to learn how my aunts and mom make such great food. I also wanted to buy a dutch oven myself but knew nothing about it. Strange after eating it all my life but I never really paid that much attention before. Now I am confindent that when I buy my dutch oven I will turn out just as yummy versions of dutch oven potatoes and peach cobbler (those are my favs). Now I just have to find opportunities to cook for other people. (HINT: any visitors?) My other big goal of the day was to meet Sydney - Diana's daughter. After seeing pictures of her and hearing my mom go crazy over her, I knew it was going to be love at first sight. It was! She smelled of baby lotion and her smiles are priceless. She was so much fun to play with and it was even more special when she fell asleep. Diana is very lucky.
The rest of the dutch oven dinner went by so fast. There is never enough time to visit - 63 people in total and the dinner was 4 hours long so if I would have divided my time equally it would be 3.8 minutes per person - just not enough at all. But I enjoyed it so much. Even a second is worth it to me.
After we had cleaned up, my mom, brother, Becky and me stopped by Grandma's for a short visit. Her house is so welcoming and I walked around the gardens enjoying the flowers. Love is full there. I feel my grandpa's love through the house that he built for his family and I feel my mom's, aunts and uncle's love as I walk around and see all their hard work they put towards keeping the house looking beautiful.
I love my family! The visit was so much fun. Even if it was a short visit. I am so happy to have had the chance to see everyone and visit. THANK YOU!

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  1. Oh Debbie I am so glad that you came! And thank you for the nice break. Sydney's cute but even I need a break now and then. Wow, now I don't feel bad about not getting to visit with everyone when you put it that way! Well I Love you and am glad that you are okay....(airplane ride)XOXOXO


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