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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Girl's Night Out and Date with the Ray's

I have had a very busy week. I have been given the chance to learn another concept at work by taking on an additional restaurant- FLEMINGS - yes finally a concept that has a restaurant in Utah. My Flemings is the one in Denver and already I can tell that I am going to love it. The Operating Manager, Audrey, is on top of her game and is fun to chat with.

On Friday it was officially girl's night out. I went with a group of nine from work to happy hour and Sex and The City. I enjoyed the movie a lot! I have missed Charlotte, Samantha, Carrie and Miranda. I have yet to figure out who I would best fit under but I know my friend Candy is Samantha.

Today, Bruce and I went to the Tampa Ray's game with friends. The Ray's won the White Sox in an extra inning. It was very exciting and the fans cheered. I became a fan of "CC" or number 13 on the Rays. The section we were sitting in loved him and he played a key role in the win.

With month end at work, I know I won't have time this week to blog unless a miracle happens and of course I am headed to Utah on Friday. So I will be gone from blogging world for a while but I will return with lots of stories to tell.

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