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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Roy’s La Jolla CA

In April, Bruce had a work conference in San Diego that I HAD to tag along for. You see I have this goal to go to every single Roy’s Restaurant. I am a huge fan of Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion. Due to the hectic schedule and location the Roy’s that I chose was Roy’s La Jolla. I have been a big fan of Chef Garrett for awhile and I wanted to try his masterpieces. This Roy’s looks a little different from the outside. If it weren’t for the tiki torches (and GPS), we might have missed it.


We were greeted warmly and all through the night we were treated like family. I loved the bamboo shoots separating the dining room from the sushi bar. It was an added dramatic flair.


I am so excited I could barely sit still. I think this pictures shows the anticipation. Like a kid in a candy store!


If you have never had the Lakanilau roll at Roy’s and you like sushi, you are missing out. The Lakanilau roll was actually invented by one of the sushi chefs at Roy’s La Jolla. This is the best one I had. I could eat this roll the rest of my life and be so happy.  IMG_0677 This next masterpiece is the Jalapeno Ponzu Hamachi with red grapefruit and avacado.This was so rich but the acid of the grapefuit helped cut the richness. My mouth is watering looking at this dish. Must get this soon.

IMG_0678 Bruce was there with me and enjoying all the food as much as I was. This was his favorite of the night. Which I will showcase next.IMG_0681

This was a flatbread of duck confit. Duck never tasted so good. It was moist and tender. IMG_0680 The last appetizer of the night was the Hawaiian Kai Style crab cakes. We love crab cakes and this one did not disappoint. Yes Bruce and I ate four appetizers. Don’t judge. We were starving and the food was so good we couldn’t stop eating! IMG_0683 For our entrees, Bruce got the Filet with Lobster. Look at that presentation. It tastes even better! IMG_0684

For my entree, I made it chef’s choice. I couldn’t make up my mind which is a first. This is the first time I have ever let a chef have freedom with my taste buds and Chef Garrett did not disappoint. I had the seafood sampler with lobster and scallops. It was so good. I would never have ordered this on my own but my taste buds loved it. I am so happy to try something new.

IMG_0685Thank you Roy’s La Jolla for the hospitality and the awesome food. Everything was beyond our expectations. Bruce and I are already talking about getting back there one day!

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  1. hehe sometimes I wish my husband wasn't a teacher so he'd have conferences in cool places I could tag along to. ;)

    Everything looks so gourmet and delicious. Glad you had a great time!


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