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Monday, January 18, 2010


After Christmas we decided to rearrange our living room. We moved the couch up against the wall as well as Bruce’s desk. My desk is opposite of Bruce’s. Our living room feels so much bigger. But the big plus is Bruce and I seem to be cuddling more on the couch because he likes to stretch out.

IMG_0533 Bruce brought me flowers home two weeks ago. I was a little under the weather during month/year end. It was a really nice surprise. He is a great husband.


We made a new pizza a couple of weeks ago. I highly recommend it if you love pizza but want to go outside the box. I found the recipe on one of my favorite blogs. I present Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Before baking-

IMG_0544 After baking-


I used a already made pizza crust instead of buying just the dough. It turned out great and yes this is on our list to make soon!

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  1. I love rearranging a room! I do it at least once a month! Your flowers are beautiful!


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