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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Bruce and I are having a wonderful Christmas. For Christmas Eve, I decided to finally cook The Perfect Turkey. I know I shared this recipe over a year ago and have not had time to cook it. But boy have I been missing out. This was the best Turkey I have ever had and I think Bruce and Shirley were both impressed as well. I highly recommend this recipe it is worth the extra effort. Here is a picture Bruce took with his phone.

For Christmas Bruce got a basket of goodies from his boss, 2 pairs of shorts, new tennis shoes, click-free automatic back up for his computers, socks, gift certificates, cologne and I am sure I am missing something. But here he is cheering to a wonderful holiday.


For Christmas, I got a new purple i pod nano, a new alarm clock (that charges the nano and shows any pictures I want – if you look  close that is a picture from our wedding), workout clothes, i pod accessories to go running, perfume, gift certificates and I have more coming.


We were very lucky this year. Thank you all who helped make this Christmas spectacular. We love you and hope every one has an amazing day. Time to go spend it with family. Love you all!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a very nice Christmas! And some yummy food too! Love you guys!


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