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Sunday, December 6, 2009

I have been such a slacker

It has been a long time since I have blogged. I have been busy and stressed. Between traveling to Utah for Thanksgiving, last classes at school and month end at work. But I am catching up and I see the light at the end of the tunnel 0r in other words my last final is next Thursday so the end is near.

To finish up my Thanksgiving holiday in Utah I spent all day Friday in Midway with my Dad, Susan, Jeff, Heather, Brianna, Emily, Ansley, and Ethan. We had so much fun making Christmas lists which is a family tradition.

On Saturday, we did the Christmas gift exchange with my mom, JB, Mike and Becky. So much fun to have presents early and get to enjoy them for a whole month before everyone else.

We got all dressed up Saturday night for dinner at Flemings and Temple Square Lights. Aren’t we sexy?

IMG_0034 Our dinner was AMAZING at Flemings. Mike had smoked trout. I am not a big smoked fish fan but it was really really good. I would order it next time I went. Becky and my mom split a steak.


I ordered off the prix fixe menu and got the roasted pork. I loved it. Bruce got the pork chop. It was 3 inches thick and really good. Thank you Susan and gang for hosting us and making our evening so enjoyable. If you are at the Gateway and looking for a great night you need to eat at Flemings. IMG_0041 We took Trax to Temple Square and enjoyed the lights, took lots of pictures and enjoyed the cold. Ok maybe not the cold so much. IMG_0053IMG_0517 IMG_0051

Thank you Mom and JB for putting up with Bruce and I. I know you didn’t plan on having the shower break or all the other things that went wrong but I am glad we didn’t let that ruin our holiday. We had so much fun and the cold was tolerable so I guess we will be back again soon. (Ok I am already planning on May to see my new niece/nephew and everyone else.)

Thank you Mike and Becky for driving all those long hours to come spend time with us. You are always so much fun and the times we spend together are always filled with laughter.

Thanks Dad, Susan, Heather and Jeff for hosting us on Friday and feeding us with so great food. Its so nice to be together and doesn’t happen as much as it should.

To Bruce – thank you for being the best husband ever. I love you, always, forever.

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