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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A- early Christmas Present

No I didn’t misspell the title. The early Christmas present is the grade I got in a class. It is an A-. I struggled in this class and at one point in November was so down and frustrated that I was thinking I would have to retake this class. But my husband, family and friends gave me the encouragement and support I needed to buckle down and finish the 12 page paper and study for the final exam. I have stop and give a shout out to my husband the writer. He went above and beyond with his support during all of this. His husbandly duties were very heavy and he passed with flying colors. So yes I am very happy with an A- and that means at this time I still have straight A in school because in my mind an A- is an A.


  1. Good job! I have to agree an A- is still an A!!!

  2. Nice job. Bet that feels good. :) Now enjoy Christmas break and all of your hard work.


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