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Sunday, November 15, 2009


So this week has not been the best week for me. In fact I had a bad experience at school and work this week. They are pretty much over now but instead of dwelling on them I would rather blog about something else. The truth is though that we went Christmas shopping yesterday so in order to avoid ruining someone’s surprise I can’t really tell you about the great day yesterday either. So instead I am taking you down memory lane. One of my fellow Provo High graduates posted a video of a school assembly from 1993-1994 and that got me thinking of memories. So I dug up my old pictures and decided to share some with you.

There were many good times at my Grandma Davis’ house. Always fun to ride the bikes and play with the cousins. I just don't remember the whole story of how my brother ended up with the car on his head. But I have a feeling it has to do with Mariah and Kevin …fighting ???? Maybe someone can refresh my memory? Anyways every time I see it I laugh. My brother is always making me laugh. Every one needs someone like that in their life.Image (16)

The next picture I decided to share is from one of the Memorial days. Every Memorial day we would get together as the Davis clan and go around to the all the cemeteries to visit families graves and look for bird nests (oh and see the ice sculptures). In  this picture is (left to right) my Grandpa Davis, me, Aunt Anita, Cousin John, Grandma Davis and my mom. I picked this picture because my cousin John is serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Germany and I was going to share it with him. (One scan =2 uses). Plus I think this is one picture I am not afraid to share of me. Not too crazy hair or wild clothes. Image (17)

One last pictures of the Davis clan having fun on the porch. We were playing the penny/flour game. So many good times! I won’t name all the cousins because some of them may want to remain unnamed.

Image (18)I have to also post some good times with the Warnick’s as I spent just as many great times at the farm. I also feel like I have to do my brother justice and post a picture of his face. He is a cutie although he looked so young at 19. This is at the airport with Grandma Warnick before he left to fly to Russia. Image (19)

The Warnick Christmas parties always included good food and fun games. I totally have a craving for sugar cookies, homemade rolls, and Grandma Warnick’s Chocolate cake. I thought this picture was great especially now that my dad tells me Brianna is at the stage where she wants to hang out with her friends now. See at one point she was fine hanging out with us cool people. She may have been only 2 or 3 but still ….Image (20)

And to end the memory lane a picture of Christmas. I love Christmas. There is something so magical about all the decorations and trees and parties. I love all of the festivities. I really was lucky growing up because every one made Christmas so special.

Image (21)Thanks for taking the time to stroll with me. I hope everyone takes the time this season to pull out their old photos and videos and relive the memories.

What is your favorite season/memory?

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