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Friday, October 23, 2009

Baking Sunday

I had a great day of baking last Sunday. I baked almost all day because I had a bake sale at work on Tuesday to raise funds for Pet Walk 2009. In between the brownies baking, I roasted a butternet squash, red peppers, and garlic. For dinner, I roasted a speghetti squash following a recipe in "The Vegetable dishes I can't live without". Oh my, this recipe took squash to a whole new level. It was carmelized and oh so good. I will definitely be following this recipe again. Along with the squash, Bruce grilled some steaks and we had Mushroom Pate. It was an amazing dinner.
My bake sale was amazing on Tuesday. I had made toffee brownies, cream cheese brownies, blondies and Raspberry supreme. I sold out and raised $144 for the Tampa Bay SPCA.
Tomorrow I will be doing the walk and hopefully taking a lot of pictures of really cute animals so come back soon!
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