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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pictures from Anna Maria Part 2

I took a break on Sunday from pictures and did not take one single picture. But Monday I got back to taking pictures and again enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

Shirley and Bruce decided to play say no evil, see no evil. I guess I am evil?
Shirley and I enjoying a great day. Check out my new Brighton Sunglasses. Thank you honey for the great anniversary gift. I love them.
This is how quiet the beach was most of the time while we were at Anna Maria Island. It is why there are so many birds and you can watch dolphins from the beach.

A picture of me enjoying the sunset.

Near where we stayed, there was this house on the beach with a huge patio and just one of those houses that we all agreed would be so fun to own.

I thought this shot turned out great. I love the contrast.

I really think I could watch sunsets on the beach for the rest of my life. I love that time of day.

I think that this is a great picture of Bruce so I had to share it. 2 years of marriage and I love him more every day. We make a great team.
On Tuesday morning, Bruce and I headed to go walking on the beach but got interrupted by finding a cat on the beach. He was damp so we knew he had been out all night and there was no information on the leash. He was hungry and friendly. We were wondering where he came from when a woman said she had seen him for the last two days on the beach. There is a big issue in Florida with animals being left behind because people can no longer care for him. So we decided to see if we could get him something to eat and brought him back to our cottage. We fed him and played with him and he hung out for awhile but decided to leave us later. We tried contacting the animal shelter but it wasn't open yet and by the time it was our beach cat had already left. So I am hoping he found his way home.

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