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Monday, August 24, 2009

Las Vegas Day 1

I arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday after working all day and changing planes. Thank goodness my brother was at the airport to welcome me and to help me with my heavy suitcase. (Hey I brought Mountain Dew Throwback all the way from Florida just for him). Of course the first stop was In 'N Out Burger. Yummy - I posted a pic of the meal on my facebook account so check it out when you get a chance. After the meal, we went to Caesar's Palace and met up with Bruce who was already there doing The Prepaid Press Show. It was a short visit with Mike and then Bruce and I crashed as it had been such a long day for both of us.

Thursday morning I woke up and sent Bruce on his way to do his presentation and wrap up the show. I was in vacation mode and spent the morning reading in bed - which you would already know if you were friends with me on facebook. I finally got myself out of bed and ready to hit the town around noon. I went to the show to try to find Bruce and get a picture of him in the booth but he was no where to be found so I headed out on the town.

My first stop was the Bellagio. I wanted to see the display and I was not disappointed. It smelled like summer - the sunflowers, moss, roses, carnations wafted through the air begging me to take pictures.
My self portrait in front of the Ferris wheel.

This lady bug was made out of carnations. So cute!

There was a big bird cage in the exhibit and I thought this picture was amazing due to the colors.

Another self portrait at the gardens. I spent some time in there because it smelling so good and it was humid and cool. Then I was off to start walking again.

This is for Bruce Burke - he has a fascination with "B". Can you guess why?

Most of the west side of the strip I was walking in construction tunnels because of the new city center buildings. But I was excited to see the Coke Building and Outback steakhouse across the street when I emerged. It made me appreciate the fact that all my coworkers were working and I was on the strip in 100 degree weather sweating... not complaining at all. It was a much needed break. I ended up walking all the way from Caesars Palace to the Mandalay Bay Conference center and then back over to MGM Grand where I caught the light rail to Harrahs and ran to catch up with Bruce. He was eating at Planet Hollywood and the show was over so we got to hang out the rest of the day. A little more shopping/browsing was done in the forum shops but we were both so tired that we ended up going back to our room and chilling.
For dinner that night we were invited to join some friends of Bruce to eat dinner at Nobu in the Hard Rock Hotel. It was served family style and because I wasn't with people I knew I didn't want to hold up the meal by taking too many pictures but I did end up with two really good ones.

The two fish dishes we had was the Chilean sea bass (green plate closest to you) and the black cod with miso (square white plate). I was blown away by the cod with miso. I love miso but the cod was perfect.
For dessert was got the Miso Almond cake, Caramelized Banana Cake, and Sata Andagi (donuts)
to share. I was so full by the time this came out that I only had a bite of the banana and a bite of the almond. It was a great way to end the day - great food and great company. Bruce's Prepaid Press show was a huge success and I am so proud of him for doing such a great job. Congrats to Bruce and everyone else who participated.

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