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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shopping Saturday

Bruce and I had so much fun shopping for flooring yesterday. Yeah, flooring!!! The first time we really went to look because our carpet is wearing out and honestly Florida and carpet just don't mix. The first two store's were no good but by the time the third store came around we were in our grove. The third store was a tile store. Although we were leaning towards wood for our living room we wanted to look at tile. Also, we wanted to check out the tile that looks like wood...has anyone seen this? Anyways, although we love tile for kitchen and bathrooms by the time we had walked around for an hour we knew it wasn't what we wanted for the living room. The fourth stop we struck gold. It was a one man shop and I have to be honest I was hesitant about going in. But so glad we did. The guy sat us down and asked first of all what we wanted. Well Bruce and I both agree and a light floor with simple modern lines and no knots. The guys said what we wanted is maple if we wanted wood and showed some great samples that we liked. Then he took us to the bamboo which we have been considering and showed us vertical bamboo. Now before this all we had seen was horizontal bamboo. But the vertical is so much more us!!!!

So what do you think? They guy let us bring the sample home. We have moved it a million times and looked in all light. It is warmer then our carpet but just as light. The one thing we keep going back on forth on is do we do the kitchen in bamboo or leave the tile. We like bamboo because we are trying to be more green and because bamboo grows fast it is considered more green then maple.

After this place we wanted to do one more stop but I was ravenous. So we tried a new deli that is just right down the street from us. The deli is called Frida's and it was heavenly. I got a chicken salad sandwich that came with sprouts, tomatoes. and cucumbers. To drink I had a pomegranate water. Yumms!

The last place we stopped for floors was 4x more expensive then the third place. We were shocked and glad we found something we like within our budget. Now we just have to get Doug to quote us how much to install and crunch all the numbers to figure out when we can pull this off. Hopefully sooner rather then later. If you have experience with bamboo floors any recommendations or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I would go with the wood in the kitchen because if you are barefoot then standing on wood is more comfortable and your back won't ache.

  2. oh I love the flooring!!! Can't wait to see the whole room when its done!


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