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Friday, June 5, 2009

Are you ready to rumble?

Last Sunday, Bruce and I went for a drive done to Anna Maria Island to check out where we plan to stay for our vacation in September. After driving for a while, I needed a break so we stopped at a restautant called the Sandbar (same place we went in April with Dad and Susan). This time we decided to sit out on the patio because it was a beautiful day. We are shown to our table and I notice this guy .... yeppers - Hulk Hogan. So these pictures are dedicated to my brother Mike because I wouldn't really know who this guy was without him. He looks pretty good although the way he walked reminded me of the movie The Wrestler we had just watched. Oh and the girl to his right was his "date" not his daughter.
Bruce shook his hand and talked to him for awhile. Of course there were a million other people wanting to do the same thing so it didn't last long. But it is pretty cool to have chance encounters like this... This guy has tortured his body to entertain us and although he was "short" and not welcoming long conversations, he was patient and let people take pictures and ask for autographs. I don't know how much patience I would have through all of that- honestly I like my life no fame needed.
As we left, we asked the valet about Hulk and he says that he has been there a few times so maybe we will get lucky again in September when we go... you never know!


  1. Too Cool. I remember Mike and Chris watching nothing but WWF all day Saturday whenever we would sleepover at your house. And you can't forget the Hulk Hogan pillow!

  2. Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania dates a girl that is the same age and acts like his daughter? Brother, that's when its gonna come down all over you, now go eat your vitamins!


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