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Monday, May 25, 2009

Utah Part 4

For dinner on Saturday we went to Bajio and then headed to the hotel for an intense night of game playing. We started out with Quiddler a card game. I guess all my studying and school work paid off because I won the game. No spell checker needed.

But then as payback, my brother picked the teams for Pictionary Man and put Becky and him against Mom and me. Becky and Mike definitely won this game but we all agree that it is hard maybe even too hard to really enjoy it.

Sunday morning came way too fast and it was time to say goodbye to Mike and St. George. Mike was headed back to Las Vegas but Becky was coming back to Utah with us to visit her family. I hate saying goodbye and even my McDonalds Happy Meal didn't help - oh it was because I didn't have the happy meal I had the Sausage Egg McMuffin!

The drive from St. George went by pretty quickly with a stop at Carls Jr for lunch. When we made it to Provo, I called Dad to let him know we were about an hour away.

The drive up Provo Canyon was wonderful. All the snow has made the plants grow and there were so many different shades of green.

It is always so beautiful in Midway and it was nice to visit with my dad for an hour before heading up to Heather's new house for dinner. The only picture I nabbed was of Tiger and my new watch that I bought in St. George. Seeing my dad's cats made me homesick for my own cat.

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