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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dad and Susan's Visit - St. Pete/Clearwater

I have had quite the busy but fun month. Dad and Susan came for a visit April 6th for the week. The first night we went to dinner together at Bonefish Grill at Indian Rocks Beach. We ordered the fried oysters, coconut shrimp and crab cakes for appetizers because they all looked so good. For dinner, I decided to keep it small and ordered the bang bang shrimp tacos because I knew I wanted the strawberry shortcake. It is so yummy! Very different then using a twinkie to make strawberry shortcake (Sorry Mom!).

On Tuesday, Bruce had some teeth cleaning so he wanted something soft so I decided to host them for dinner (unplanned but it turned out good). I cooked up some spinach manicotti, salad, and brocolli. Healthy to balance out the over indulgance the night before.

On Wednesday since I had class Dad and Susan were on their own for fun.

Thursday we ended up going to Carrabbas. Susan had never been there and it isn't Bruce's favorite so I took the opportunity. Plus I have been craving lasagna which got totally satisfied.

Friday was Good Friday and I didn't have work that day so I got to hang with Dad and Susan after I finished some homework. Susan and I had a nice talk on the patio while enjoying the sun and warmth. Then we decided to go for a drive so Bruce could do some work. I ended up taking them down to downtown St. Petersburg. Our first stop was the Lucky Dill Deli for some sandwiches. Then I took them to my school.

Here is a great picture of Dad and Susan standing in front of the college of business building. The building is right on Tampa Bay so we walked around and looked at the water and all the boats in the marina that is on the other side.

After giving them a tour of St. Petersburg, we headed home, picked up Bruce and headed to Clearwater's Pier 60. We enjoyed some shopping and then walked all the way out to the end of the Pier to watch the sunset.

A great picture of Susan and Bruce on our walk out to watch the sunset.
Bruce, Susan, and Dad at the end of the Pier - the sun just set.
One of the fun things about the Pier is watching the fisherman. This guy got called "fish killer" because the poor fish he caught didn't survive. But a hungry pelican sure did enjoy it for dinner.

A picture of Bruce and I so that everyone knows I was there!

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