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Monday, March 30, 2009

Biggest loser challenge and another blog

Last Friday started a biggest loser contest at work. I have decided to participate. I wrote my goal as to lose 8 pounds and be able to run a 3k. But now that I have sat with this for the last three days I am upping the ante and going public. Yeah, I am scared. Isn't it easier just to not tell people so that they don't ask how it is going?

I am all excited about it now but what happens when I have one of those days? You know when the chocolate monster roars and i can't stop eating or what if I skip working out to go have fun or to actually study? If I don't tell anyone then no one will know but me and my failures will be a secret. But why am I so scared of making mistakes - of failing? Why don't I just jump, just get it out there. So that is what I am doing. I am jumping.

I am telling everyone that reads this blog that I have created another blog. I needed a way to track my food. I know it is boring to read which is why I won't put it on this blog and chose to create another blog. I have access to it at work so that should help plus every time I log into this blog I see it and it reminds me to record my food. So I have promised myself that i have to be current recording my food in order to read the blogs that I love so much. (Great motivation!)

I am also hoping to include some pictures in the other blog of the food I eat... I just have to get on that wagon. I am so not used to recording everything that I put in my mouth. It is really shocking.

So now that it is out there, feel free to ask, to check the blog or just to check back in 8 weeks. It ends the Friday before memorial day or the week after I visit Utah for those of you wondering and there is $150 at stake... so maybe a new outfit or massage would be in store.

For those of you who want to join me feel free. Post your goals for the next 8 weeks and then email me each Friday letting me know or just report to someone. I have to report my weight loss each Friday and I think that accountability will keep me on track.

In the good news for today, my work had a fun outing to the Phillies Spring Training. I did not watch much of the game. Why? Because I decided it would be the perfect chance to walk laps around the whole baseball park. I took a couple of breaks to socialize with those that I work with but I never sat down once at the game. Isn't that crazy? I also did not give in to any temptation of hot dog, beer, funnel cake or Cotton candy. All I had was a grilled chicken sandwich and water. And my work had provided me with a $15 voucher for food.... Yes I am slapping myself on the back but you know what I think I deserve it. I looked like a fool for two hours walking in circles and I had so many co workers comment on me walking. It was somewhat embarrassing but I survived.

I will survive anything that the next eight weeks gives me. Bring it on!


  1. Way to go girl! Who cares what people think! I have found that it just isn't worth the worry. You'll be laughing when you have lost weight and they have gained! I am so proud of you for walking the whole time and for being so good! It is so worth it to take care of yourself and treat yourself great! Love you and keep it up!

  2. That sounds like a cool challenge to do. I love the idea of a food blog. I think I might start my own. I've been trying to count calories lately. I eat good up until dinner- I easily pack in 1500 calories there. Yikes!


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