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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I passed accounting

I finished my 3 hour accounting test yesterday and my grades were just posted. I got a 99% on the financial accounting section with the class average of 79.16%. On the managerial accounting section I got 95% with the class average of 82.42%. I am very happy. Guess it is a good thing that I am an accountant and I must be good at it!


  1. Congrats on such great scores! Are you going to become a CPA when you have your masters? Isn't your sis-in-law Becky an accountant as well? Did she become a CPA? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just curious. :)

  2. Steph-as a reply to your questions- I am doing my CPA along with gettng my MBA. So when I graduate with the MBA all the extra classes that I need to take the CPA exam will be under my belt and then it is just tackling the CPA exam. Yes, Becky is an accountant as well and she just completed the last section of the CPA exam. We are still waiting to hear the results. The CPA exam is killer hard which I am sure you know with your husband and all. I think it is cool that we have so many accountants in the family.

  3. Way to go! Knew you could do it. Aren't you glad you went back to school. Love ya.

  4. Of course you got an awesome score! You are dang good at what you do! Congrats on an awesome score and keep up the good work!


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