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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Carnival Inspiration Day 5

Our last day on the ship was a sea day. One thing that I always wanted to do was tour the kitchen so we decided to do it this trip. Mike and Becky joined Bruce and I on the tour. See how excited Mike was?

They had a huge cork board of the entire dinner menu for the ship -every day with pictures. I guess if you have over 90 countries working on board pictures are the best way to communicate.

They were already preparing food in the kitchen and all the workers were smiling. This guy was cutting watermelon to look like flowers for the buffet. I really wanted to ask him if he had ever cut himself because I cut myself when I am on land that doesn't move and he is trying to do this on a boat that is moving and rocking.

What happens to all the left over food on a cruise ship? Well it goes into a grinder to become really small particles and then is flushed into the sea to become fish food. They do this 3 times a day unless they are near land....

Since it was Christmas Eve, they held a special Christmas program that we attended. The dancers put on a special number then they had the kids in Camp Carnival do a special number as well. And of course the big finale was Santa Claus! Bruce, Mike and Becky couldn't wait for all the Christmas joy to begin -I think the martini and virgin pina coladas probably helped.

Later that night, we went ot the late show which is pretty cool. Lots of fun costumes and songs. It was a great ending to a great cruise.

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