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Monday, December 29, 2008

Carnival Inspiration Day 3

We were in Grand Cayman on our third day of the cruise. We had signed up for a tour of Hell, Turtle Farm and Stingray City. The morning started early as we had to meet at 8 am. Getting on our tour bus was pretty smooth and we had a great tour guide, Grayson. He grew up on the island and loved it. Our first stop is a town called Hell. Mostly it is a tourist shop, a post office and these strange formations in the rock.
After visiting hell and sending some post cards, our next stop was a tortuga rum shop and then we were off to the turtle farm. The turtle farm started over 60 years ago when a group of green sea turtles were rescued. There are still some original green sea turtles at the farm. After learning about turtles and the farm we got to hold turtles. You would reach into a small pond with both hands and grab a turtle out of the water. Sometimes that would flap their front legs against your hands trying to get away. All of us held the turtles - although it was a tie between the boys of who liked doing it the most.

We learned after dealing with the flapping that if you pet the turtle on their chin they relax and will stop flapping. Things I wish I would have known but fun to see how chilled out they got.

The bigger turtles we got to feed. They had big buckets of turtle food on the side and you grabbed a handful of food (think dog food cause that is what it looked like). The turtles would come up to you knowing that is what they were getting and you could throw the food in and watch them eat.

After the turtle farm, we went on a boat out to stingray city which is a sand bar where the sting rays hang out. I used a waterproof camera so I will have to post the sting ray adventure on another blog.

Just some quick thoughts of Grand Cayman - we all enjoyed it. It was safe and the people are so nice. They go out of their way to ensure to help. My husband asked about a new cell phone company he had heard about and saw signs about and Grayson was kind enough to actually drive us past the corporate office even though it was two blocks out of his way. We would definitely visit the Cayman's again.


  1. Love the day by day postings. Looks like somuch fun. I'm so jealous.

  2. Glad you guys had so much fun. I would love to go on a cruise over Christmas instead of being in the cold here in Utah. Fun!


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