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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Every year for Halloween, my work goes crazy with decorations and invites every one's children to come trick or treating. This year they did a contest with the winners getting money to do a group event. They are into building team spirit. At first our row was going to do Candyland but in walking around the week before Halloween, we found someone else was already doing that. So at the last minute we changed our minds and did Charley and the chocolate factory. We did chocolate falls with the river running down our aisle and incorporated different aspects from both the old and new movies into our aisle.

The chocolate falls and rivers is brown felt (cheap material). For our falls, we added tulle for more dimension, fake snow for foam and brown balloons for the bubbles at the bottom. The green along the edges is green paper.

Since this is a place of work for our TV we used an extra computer to complete our Wonka vision.

For the golden egg room, of course an Easter egg spray painted gold and gold wrapping paper with some pictures completed the look.

For our lollipops we found these paper plates that already had the circles on them. Lucky us! We also made mushrooms. The stems were a flower vase and the top was a plastic mixing bowl covered in tissue paper upside down. For our lickable wall paper, we found candy wrapping paper and simply taped candy onto the wall still in the wrapper in case a child took it. We also had a tree that we hung bubble gum on. I know we did so many more things. It turned out great and the kids loved it. We won second place so all the hard work was worth it.

Oh and of course we had a Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompas! We also won for best group costumes so overall we rocked Outback!


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