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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Memories of Key West

Finally I have time to blog about our great vacation to the Key's.

First of all, I highly recommend driving to the key's at least once in your life. Yes it is one lane of traffic so you have to just go with the flow. But to start in Key Largo where the water is a deep almost purple blue on both sides of the highway and to end in Key West where the water becomes a light blue green is a beautiful journey. Also, there are plenty of great places to stop along the way and shop, eat, or relax. Below is a picture of our stop at the Veteran's Memorial Park just south of the seven mile bridge on the ocean side. The bridge is behind me. We stopped here to take a break and put our feet in the water.

Key West is definitely a place to hang out and have fun. Our first walk down Duval street, we had to wet our whistles at Fat Tuesday. I enjoyed my official vacation drink - a Miami Vice. It is 1/2 strawberry daquiri and 1/2 pina colada. Yes I enjoyed it.

Sunsets are the highlight of the day in Key West. Enjoying a sunset at mallory square is the main event. Every night there are different street performers, musicians and entertainment to enjoy. But I have a feeling that the sunset always steals the spotlight. How can you not feel God's love when you see something like this?

There are many things to do in Key West - from visiting the southernmost point in the US to Hemmingways house. Here is one of my favorite pictures of Bruce. He is such a handsome husband.
After Key West we traveled back North to Islamorada. I enjoyed Key West but I loved Islamorada. Why? Well first of all Key West is very touristy even in the slowest month September. There were cruise ships that came to port and with all the crowds and not a lot of space it wouldn't be a place that I want to stay for longer then two or three days. But Islamorada didn't have crowds and we stayed right on the water. I am standing on our front porch taking this picture. I could live with this view and be a very happy person.
The place in Islamorada where we stayed is called Pines and Palms. They are small cottages that are so charming inside and out. We really enjoyed California the great white heron that has a broken toe and hangs around Pines and Palms. He really enjoyed hanging with Shirley. This is a snap shot that I took of her visiting with California while she waited for us to pick her up for dinner. According to legend, California loves steak especially T-bones so you have to watch your food around him. He does not like crackers but loves cheese -guess he is a bird with great taste.
Bruce and I had planned on going to swim with dolphins and renting a boat for a day to explore the water. Due to rainy days, we missed those plans but I don't really mind. First of all the relaxing did us a lot of good but also because now I get to plan another visit next year back to Islamorada for us to do those things. I can't wait! Hopefully we can stay three or four days if not a week here next time.

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