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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Good times never felt so good

So this week was a roller coaster week for the Burke household. It started with Bruce ending his relationship with Payzone on Monday due to not getting his paycheck on the 15th. Yes we did give them 5 days to give us the money but you get to a point where you know the money is just not there. Oh well, Bruce already has offers on the table so we are moving on.

On Wednesday, Bruce had his follow up appointment with the hematologist for his blood clots. He was told that the coumadin is working and he will be on it for the rest of his life. The doctor won't need to see him unless he develops more blood clots.

On the way home from this appointment, Bruce got in a minor fender bender. The guy was a real pain and even though neither car was damaged, the guy is now after our insurance saying he has an injury. Interestingly enough, he refused the ambulance when they came after he called 911. Bruce actually took some pictures with his phone and we believe it will help our insurance company. So besides a ticket, we survived this one too.

Yesterday was the all time high of the week. Yes it was exciting on Thursday to watch the Rays beat the Phillies. But last night was my hot date with Bruce to go to Neil Diamond's concert. We sat in the Outback suite and this was our view of the stage without any zooming of camera's. It was excellent. He came out rocking with Holly Holy. He did a great mix of old and new songs. I rocked out so much in my chair that I was sweating by the end and my voice is horse. Bruce enjoyed it too but he was not as crazy as I am. Things I learned while at the concert - Neil's first professional gig 42 years ago was in Tampa so he has a strong love of this area - his left hip was really bothering him last night even though he tried to hide it- he has written songs that are more emotional and meaningful in the last couple of years that may not be as popular with the generations that were at the concert but they still strike a chord read the lyrics here to see what I mean- and most of all he still cares - he cares about the people - he wants us to enjoy his concert but it doesn't stop there he is helping with the Hurricane Ike victims as well.

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  1. Looks like you really had good seats and yes I am jealous. It's a good thing you write this blog because then I find out things that you don't tell me when you call!!


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