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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Bruce!

September 11th was Bruce's birthday. I didn't make it to blogging about how wonderful he is as I had a hectic week. But I do want to tell him I love him. I can't imagine going through this crazy life without him. He is the first person I call when my check engine light comes on (which it did this week) and the first person I call when I rock at a test (Go GMAT).

Thank you for supporting me and loving me!

To celebrate his birthday and my rocking the GMAT, we went to a movie - The Dark Knight -yes i think we were the only 2 people in the world who hadn't seen it yet - and had dinner at Roy's. We love their sushi - the Lakanilau Roll is the best with Kobe beef... They also had a special pineapple upside down cake last night that was really really good. Sorry no pics!


  1. So now you left your sis-in-law in the dust as the only one to not see it yet, gotta love those hectic weeks to appreciate the well-earned vacations.

  2. Did you not just love the Joker? He did a great job of making me hate him. Way to go on passing your test!!! Glad you could celebrate! Can't wait to taste that sushi when we get there. Love ya

  3. Happy Birthday Bruce! Hope your day was a great one. Now that I know it is your bday I won't forget. Love ya!

  4. Good job on the GMAT. Ate at Roy's last week in Palm Springs. Very tasty food.


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