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Monday, September 8, 2008

Charity day - Ft. Desoto Park

Once Friday in August instead of going to work at the office, I had the chance to participate in a Charity day. More then 500 people from Outback home office did at least 4 hours of charity work that day. I chose to go to Ft. Desoto park aka the beach and plant some native Florida plants. We planted sea grapes and sea grass along a 2 mile stretch of road. The park rangers had decided to fill in the road to make it easier on the sea turtles to come up and lay their eggs and not be killed by cars driving on the road. The day turned out to be rainy and windy but at least it wasn't overly hot and I got to learn a lot about the beach and wildlife in Florida - thanks to the park ranger who answered all of our questions.I am in a navy blue tank top on the left hand side of this picture. Its kind of like playing where's waldo. Below is a much better picture of me. The guy in the middle of the picture is holding a sea grape plant. Hopefully I will be able to do charity events like this in the future. It really was a great chance to be outside and not stuck in an office.

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