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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Bruce is going in for an angiogram on Friday. With his blood clots and his family heart history, the doctor's thought it best to do a stress test on his heart. So yesterday he went in for the stress test and they found some inconsistencies. Today when he went back to review the results with the Doctor, the doctor said that doing an angiogram would allow him to see the blockage and know more of what is going on inside his heart. There is a possibility of stents and angioplasty. Bruce says the worst thing is that they have to put a catheter in his groin for the test! OUCH!!!!!

I love my husband but I guess when we got married and I said I would love him through sickness and health, I assumed we would always be healthy. I know in the end we will be ok but nothing like a little test to know where your priorities are. At month end -my busiest time as an accountant- I want to be with my husband. He is the most important thing to me- yes even more important then chocolate.

I love you honey!

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  1. You will be in our prayers! Good luck and we wish you the best!


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