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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Brother!

My brother, Mike, will be celebrating a birthday on July 5th. So what better time to blog about him and tell him how wonderful he is! Growing up 3 years apart in age, we weren't the best of friends. We would fight over the remote - you know I wanted to watch My Little Ponies and he wanted to watch Transformers. But for all our fights, we did have a lot of fun together too. Like jumping up and down on the swinging bridge freaking mom out. Below are a few of the good times we have had together.

This picture was taken at the Willow Grove, PA train station. We are taking a train to Philadelphia PA for the Live 8 concert. Mike, his wife, Becky and my mom and come out to visit us for Mike's birthday. Plane ticket $300, hotel $100, going to a free concert priceless!

Mike walked me down the aisle for my wedding. I had always wanted my Grandpa Davis to walk me down the aisle. He passed away before I found the one I wanted to marry. But it was an easy choice for Mike to fill in. Mike has a lot of the same qualities that my Grandpa Davis has - strong faith, an ability to be firm but not mean, a love of life, a great work ethic, and he looks great in a lei! Actually I knew Mike would have me laughing most of the day which he was able to do, even through all my butterflies (nerves).

Happy Birthday Bro! I will love you forever.


  1. What a sweet tribute to your brother. Happy b-day Mike!

  2. Cute Pics. What a nice sister you are! That was a sweet tribute.


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