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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Meet the Robinsons

Yesterday was one of the most enjoyable days I spent with my husband. We mostly hung out during the day doing errands but last night he grilled some awesome rib eye steaks and asparagus for dinner. We sat out on our patio eating dinner and watching all the lizards, squirrels, and birds as well as enjoying our flowers. It has been humid, rainy and hot here so the flowers are going crazy. The we watched Meet the Robinson's. It's a Walt Disney cartoon and one that I was a little interested in seeing when it came out so I had it on my to watch when it comes out on DVD list. It is about an orphan boy who is very smart and inventive but all he wants is a family. Well of course every time he invents something it causes catastrophe and he gets frustrated and gives up. He was lucky enough to see the future and see that by giving up the world suffered in whole and that it was better when he "kept moving forward". I know I can't see the future but I do know that by keeping moving forward I learn and improve. The improvements may be small sometimes and my lessons hard but I see changes. Then I read my cousins blog and he asks "Am I moving?" and I say yes I am!

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  1. I loved that movie! Of course it was way better the second time through because I understood everything and cried more... Thanks for the reminder of what to focus on!


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