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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday - The catch up day

Today is my catch up day. I had a great weekend last weekend with my mom who came down for a visit and some Florida Sunshine. The visits never seem to last long enough but I do enjoy them. I am very lucky to have a mom who is one of my best friends and who I can tell everything to. Since my mom and I both love food and sunshine it was very easy to decide what we were going to do. We ate at some of my favorite restaurants - Middle Grounds, Roy's, Frenchy's - and enjoyed a day at Clearwater beach. The sand is like sugar - so soft. It can be packed on the beach but it is worth the effort. We also had a family dinner at our house with Bruce's family. I cooked Roast Beef (which Kym was very happy to see - she said she missed the Sunday Roast beef dinner her mom cooks) and Sea Bass - my version of a surf and turf. On Sunday instead of saying good bye to mom, I was blessed enough to buy a ticket to Utah for the family Dutch oven dinner in June. So I said see you later - with a tear in my eye. It is hard to not get a hug and kiss everyday from your mom!

This week at work has been a week that I do not want to repeat. We had one girl give her two weeks notice and since there is a hiring freeze we will not be replacing her which means more work for the rest of us. Also, we found out due to the economy and people not eating out our sales are down and overhead needs to be cut. So they cut our department trip. We were planning on going to Baltimore in August and now instead will be donating the day to charity. It was hard to swallow because it was something that we weren't expecting and we had yet to learn what they were doing in the restaurants to cut costs. But it turns out that they are cutting costs at the restaurants too. Limiting hours - especially over time- and other things that I won't bore you with. In talking to all my group about it we decided at least they are being proactive and our jobs are still secure. But by the end of the week, I felt like I needed a three day weekend. Besides my job, I am grateful that I have a great boss. She is teaching me some of her responsibilities and giving me a lot of oportunities to show what I can do.

Now it is Saturday and I spent the whole morning doing accounting- not for work but my husband has started his own company called Gulf Bay Consulting. He is selling biodiesel systems, and working in Marketing /sales for a bill pay system. It takes a lot to work two jobs but he is handling it really well. The biodiesel sales are multiplying so we had to get an accounting system in order to keep better track of it all as we had been using excel before this. Now it is mostly set up so I am feeling very productive. I have also already been out to get my oil changed in my SUV and dropped off the dry cleaning. Just a few more items to do today and the rest of the weekend will be spent outside in the sun and going to watch the new Indiana Jones movie.

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